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12 Of The Best Light Sweaters For Under $200

Simple, versatile and the perfect evening cover-up

By Felicity Robinson

Among this week’s continuing world crises, a smaller situation developed at home. A pipe burst at the back of my wardrobe, requiring all our clothes to be resettled on what was once our bed.

As plumbers bashed holes through walls, the silver lining was being forced to conduct a quick assessment of what I needed for the coming months (certainly not more white T-shirts). The one item that’s alarmingly scarce? Sweaters.

I know I’m not alone in wearing all my sweatshirts and knits non-stop during the Great Fashion Depression of the last two years. But now they’re too frayed to wear out of the house, and frankly I feel about them the same way I felt about maternity clothes after more than nine months of near-constant wear. As in, I want to burn them in a cleansing backyard bonfire.


The one item that’s alarmingly scarce? Sweaters.

Besides, the sweaters in shops right now are a little different to those of previous seasons.

“They’re much more pulled back from the maximalist styles we’ve seen in the past,” says stylist Tara Morris, who compiled the edit below. There are fewer cut-out shoulders and splashy details; instead, we’re seeing a lot of crew-neck knits and simple slogan sweatshirts that work well with tailored pants.

And if the recent European fashion weeks are to be believed, we’ll also be wearing these simple sweaters with miniskirts. Miu Miu’s super-cropped jumpers and minis made all the headlines, but if you don’t have the washboard stomach of a 20-year-old influencer or Nicole Kidman, you’ll be wearing your sweater long and your mini with tights.

“Pop on some tights and you’re good as the weather cools,” adds Tara. “The sweater is a minis best friend.”



$175 (on sale from $335)


$48 (on sale from $91)



Alex Mill


Citizens Of Humanity

$169 (on sale from $299)




$124 (on sale from $269)


$152 (on sale from $190)



Viktoria & Woods

$149 (on sale from $220)

BY Felicity Robinson

Felicity is the co-founder of PRIMER. She grew up in the north of England, where light sweaters were beachwear

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