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Why This Season’s Party Shoe Is More Extra Than Ever

These heels are made for dancing

By Felicity Robinson

There was a moment, during the Covid-19 lockdowns, when some journalists (like me) wondered if we’d ever return to wearing heels.

To quote my miserable, lockdown self in a PRIMER story from two years ago: “Wearing heels felt like I’d squeezed my toes into a tiny triangular burrow. After a few experimental steps, it was a relief to sink back into sneakers. And with that relief came the realisation that I might never return to the way I dressed before.”

Well, it turns out I was altogether too quick to predict the demise of heels, both in my own wardrobe and in others’.

As soon as restrictions lifted and we all felt comfortable enough to spend an evening crammed into a sweaty room with 80 other people, the party dresses and shoes came out to play.


I might never return to the way I dressed before

And this season’s party shoes are more extra than ever, says stylist Lucy Wood.

“The shapes are more exaggerated – platforms are higher, toes are pointier, colours are bolder. Party shoes have always been more glitzy and glam than a typical heel, but this season they really are a statement shoe.”

Judging by Cup week fashion here in Melbourne, the way to wear a statement party shoe is with an equally statement dress and jewellery, but if you do tend towards the minimal, these shoes look great with a block colour dress, or peeking out from under a wide-leg pant.

And Lucy’s shoe of the season so far?

The Mach & Mach heels above, which are totally extra, with an appropriately extra price tag. “They’re definitely championing more is more!” she adds. “Neon, PVC, crystals, bows – all in one!”

Here’s Lucy’s pick of the most glamorous heels on the high street…


Alias Mae




Tony Bianco




Paris Texas


Steve Madden


BY Felicity Robinson

Felicity is PRIMER's co-founder

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