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Artist Stanislava Pinchuk

This eminently stylish creative has a perfectly curated gift list

By Stanislava Pinchuk

Working in everything from fine paper to blocks of sandstone (and tattoos), Stanislava Pinchuk – also known as Miso – uses map coordinates and other topographical data to create beautiful, politically charged artwork. She also compiles the international Christmas lists of dreams.

‘What I’m getting my best friend’

Plan A: I have to confess, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but it’s nice to somehow be pulled into its orbit every year.

I will usually make some crêpes for friends and my boyfriend in the morning, and make a plan for the beach or park if the weather is good. My only tradition is in the evening – when my best friend and I go to a daggy ’80s corporate-deluxxxe hotel lobby, drink G&Ts and play chess. We actually keep an eye out year-round for potential candidate lobbies, too – and swap notes until we decide the final location in December. We’re really into it.

So for my best friend, a second-hand chess set, like this one. I really like the old Soviet ones, which seem to have become hot currency lately.

Plan B: A signed Daido Moriyama photo book (Tokyo cool).

Plan C: A Berlingot glass from Laguna B (magic beauty).

Plan D: A No. 6 Opinel knife – (cheap, and essential 10 times a day).

‘What’s on the list for my boyfriend’

Plan A: Not long after I first met my now-boyfriend in a bar, he texted me to say ‘Merry Christmas’, which, between two people who culturally don’t celebrate Christmas, I took as a concrete sign that he liked me and wanted an excuse to text. ( I can now confirm that this was completely correct. )

During the pandemic lockdown, he committed himself to learning how to cook well – and ambitiously, went straight to the most difficult French cooking.

Now that I’ve lost the two kilos I gained eating it all and not leaving our apartment, I will be getting him Julia Child’s classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking to regain the momentum. A gift for perhaps selfish reasons, but gratin just doesn’t make itself, you know.

Plan B: A MacGuffin Magazine subscription (so, smart and bonkers).

Plan C: Peter Shire mug (everyday joy).

Plan D: Initialled Universe Buly comb (uber chic).

‘Presents for a new arrival’

Plan A: One of my nearest and dearest girlfriends is expecting her first child to be born this Christmas Day. A few years ago,

I gave my friend a drawing on her wedding day, so it’ll be nice to give one to her daughter now, too. In a perfect world, kids should grow up with strange, wonderful images on their walls that make them curious, and change in their understanding as they get older. I really like giving artworks to my friends’ kids when they’re born, so from the start, they can always feel like art is something they can be part of.

Plan B: Antique Ukrainian rushnyk (a tradition upon birth, embroidered for protection).

Plan C: Henry Wilson Oil Burner (for calm in the house).

Plan D: Keith Haring Pull Toy (start them young, pt. 2).

‘What I’d love for myself’

For the Christmas downtime, I’ll be buying myself a kilogram of clay.

My last works were made from a half-tonne of marble, which was a lifelong dream. But it’s also a medium that is quite unforgiving, where mistakes are very hard to erase!

So now, I just need a little time to experiment, mould, think with my hands, mash things up and start again. Clay is so forgiving and playful to ‘failure’, and I need that at the moment! If you have someone in your life who is a perfectionist, or hard on themselves, buy them clay. It’s cheap, cheerful and gives back in abundance.

Plan B: Comme des Garçons zip wallet (I just lost my wallet, so self-explanatory).

Plan C: Woven rice-straw egg holder (third-generation weaving mastery).

Plan D: Martino Gamper Circus Stool (recyclable & twofold useful).

(and Plan E: Schiaparelli Gaze Earrings – a girl can dream.)

Pink clay


BY Stanislava Pinchuk

Stanislava (also known as Miso) is an artist whose works are held by the Louvre, the National Gallery of Australia and other galleries worldwide

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