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Why Puffy, Pillow Bags Are The Perfect Winter Accessory

Cloud-like handbags are here to stay. Here’s an edit of the best.

Anna Saunders

Some fashion trends are destined for the briefest moments of fame. (Yes, we’re looking at you “Olsencore” and micro-handbags.)

And for a while, it looked as though puffy, pillowy handbags were headed in the same direction – doomed to star in a million Tiktok videos… and then never spotted again.

And yet it’s been two years since Bottega Veneta first released its padded cassette bag, and the puffy, pillow bag trend is still going strong. Today, the style can be spotted everywhere from Coach (an early adopter with its Tabby bag) to Khaite, Louis Vuitton, COS and Oroton.


We’re now seeing different shapes of this bag, beyond the Bottega style.

At this time of year, the allure of the puffy bag is obvious. As mornings grow darker and colder, there’s only one thing better than the cosy confines of your bed, and that’s carrying your pillow around with you – which is essentially what the puffy, pillow bag allows you to do.

“We’re now seeing different shapes of this bag, beyond the Bottega style,” observes stylist Lucy Wood, who compiled this edit. “Now they are around in small drawstring styles like the fab Oroton, and large everyday carryalls like the white Cos bag. A trend shows some longevity once it develops beyond the initial instigator.”

Choose a bright or fluoro colour for a statement look or go for a neutral option so that the shape of the bag remains the statement.


BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founder of PRIMER. Fluffy pillows are among her favourite things.

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