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The Return Of Terry Towelling

Hello, comfort

By Anna Saunders

Welcome to part 2,330,092 of fashion’s latest obsession with comfort dressing. Today’s edition? Terry towelling.

Easy, practical (who needs a beach towel when you’re basically dressed like one?) and pleasingly nostalgic, terry towelling ticks all the feel-good, post-pandemic fashion boxes.

And if this plush, fluffy fabric conjures memories of bottom-hugging ’70s-style micro track shorts, old-school dressing gowns or, er, actual towels, then don’t fret – it’s all part of the allure.

And just because it’s easy to wear doesn’t mean it’s not also sexy – albeit in a retro, poolside way. Witness Hailey Bieber in a terry towelling bikini, the playsuits swimmers at Venroy or the chic mini dresses at Pucci.

“We’ve seen a few ’70’s trends creep through lately,” says stylist Lucy Wood of the re-emergence of terry towelling. “But ever since Bottega Veneta released its signature green terry towelling slides, it became summer’s favourite texture.”

Here’s Lucy’s edit.



Photography: Sheree Porter

Styling: Lucy Wood


BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founder of PRIMER. Writing this story has given her flashbacks to her '80s terry towelling PE uniform shorts.

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